Kunci Pengaman untuk sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang irit jupiter ~ Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda terbaru
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Kunci Pengaman untuk sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang irit jupiter

Judul tulisan kali ini adalah : Kunci Pengaman untuk sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang irit jupiter dalam versi bahasa inggris tapi sebelumnya saya mau share tempat belanja aman untuk detail silahkan dibaca review tentang laku.com belanja online grosir eceran murah dan aman kali ini informasi yang tidak kalah seru dari yamaha berkenanan dengan diperkenalkannya produk sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1 dengan tampilan garang.

Kunci Pengaman All New Sepeda Motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1
All New sepeda motor bebek injeksi kencang dan irit jupiter z1
Within a few seconds, a thief can steal your favorite motorcycle. Users motor is trying to prevent this in various ways, such as lock, install an alarm or other.

The cars are the latest models are now equipped with a smart key, the motor did not want to miss. Digital Smart Key, smart keys made Star Racing Team (BRT).

"Smart key is basically is not an alarm, the alarm is usually a tool for understanding the form of a siren will signal to the owner of the motor in the event of certain things, while the smart key is more precisely described as a smart lock hence called smart key," said Andriyanto of Star Motors.

He said that if you use an alarm usually there is little risk of the use of battery / batteries cause to sound the siren took the battery voltage.

"If the motorcycle is parked in the crowd and the alarm sounds, and we are far from the location of the sepeda motor bebek, the battery could be risky overdrawn. pengalaman my personal time at Ancol bike park play time with the family, fitting back into the motor going home suddenly stater does not want Flash , there is a parking pass says that the alarm sound from an hour ago. Cash only I have to push to turn on the engine, because it was my kick starter off and placed in the house because it had become accustomed to using the electric starter diengkol never, "he said at length.

Just like in a car immobilizer, smart key also uses RF-ID (Radio Frequency-Identification). "The key technology is already proven to be safe," he said.

How does it work? Quite simply, using smart coins, such as a key chain and will give you the code to the receiver and a control module that controls the engine to flame.

"This coin will be detected at a distance of 7 cm only, the sensor is placed in the body near the ignition cover with paste logo in order to easily find out the location of the sensor so simple. Make biker motorcycle shall wear a safety got this, do not need to use the remote. Simply hold your coins the sensor can be turned on the new bike, "he said.

1. Smart Coin is the transmitter security code that has been combined and can not be tracked. These coins will give the access code to be emitted to the motor is turned on. Smart Coin does not use batteries and waterproof, so it can not be broken for a lifetime of use. Smart Coin designed very unique and interesting to be a key holder so that the thief did not realize it.

2. Smart Receiver is a module that receives the password given by the coin smart and will proceed to the Control Module. Receiver is designed compact and should be placed close to the module Key Contacts in your motor. Smart receivers are designed waterproof and shockproof hinggak 10G.

3. Control Module / Control Module controlled by Micro Computer to manage code submitted by the Receiver. Micro computer will confirm that the code delivered and will control security with turn signal pulser motorcycle. Round pulser signal will continue to be detected micro-computers so Smart Key will continue to function when the motor dikendari and avoid function failure that makes the motor to die suddenly (strike) while in drive.

4. Wiring harness (cable body) cable is designed with standardization body Japanese with tensile strength up to 25Kgf. Cables body is modeled motor so installation Smart Key becomes very easy and simple without any reduction in the motor cable original body, so it will not pose a risk of short-circuit or short-circuit.

5. Buzzer function provides sound like a siren but the sound is not as loud as an alarm issued in general, but this tool is just a beep to indicate that the motor is forced flame without smart coin.